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Bow Brand Lever Natural Gut String



Bow Brand lever natural gut harp strings are a premium line of harp strings made in England with carefully selected sheep gut. These strings are designed for use in 3rd octave E to 5th octave A and it is 60cm long. C and F strings are colour-coded.

Similar to pedal gut harp strings, lever gut strings are smaller in diameter than pedal gut strings and are designed to be more lightly tensioned. The strings can be used in most lever harps of Salvi Harps and Lyon & Healy Harps. They produce a warm and rich tone, which is highly prized by many harpists. They are also known for their responsiveness and sensitivity, making them ideal for a wide range of playing styles and techniques.

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Octave 3, Octave 4, Octave 5

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E, D, C, B, A, G, F

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Bow Brand Lever Natural Gut String
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